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Sally Anderson-Wai and Write Wai 
All of my life I have been passionate about writing and have enjoyed telling stories. Now I and WRITE WAI PR & COPYWRITING SERVICES will write your story for engaging content for your website, social media or press release just as passionately for your company, your church or your charity. I grew up in the North of England and settled in the South. After graduating with a BA (Hons) in Manchester, I was employed by various regional, national and international media and marketing agencies, before launching WRITE WAI in Colchester, Essex, to serve businesses and Christian ministries across the country.  
Award-Winning and Trusted 
I'm an international, award-winning journalist and copywriter and was part of a BBC News Interactive team that won a BAFTA award when I was employed as a Broadcast Journalist. Since founding WRITE WAI, we have won several business awards, including a Colbea Business Award from Colchester Business Enterprise, Essex, and two Star Awards from Lifteffects.org. in London. Trust is important and our clients know they can trust us. In fact they voted for us in the Trust Awards UK, helping us to be shortlisted in the Most Trusted Business Leader category and the Most Trusted Media Company category. Trust and integrity are qualities we value highly and are part of the culture of WRITE WAI.  
After launching WRITE WAI, I noticed that small to media business owners struggle with their digital marketing, particularly their social media, blogs, press releases and content for their websites. As a result, I underwent extra training in sales, marketing, customer services and social media management. WRITE WAI now offers one of the best services in the country to help businesses and ministries in Colchester, Essex, London and across the UK, to gain more publicity, increased leads and greater sales. We can also suggest ways to grow your online profile and increase your marketing. 
Ethos and Integrity 
Since we launched in 2013, almost 100% of our press releases have been used in at least one media outlet and one client reported having a 44% increase in the sales of her product as a result of the publicity we gained for her. It is this kind of dedication which gets WRITE WAI recommended time and time again by our clients, who appreciate us going the extra mile for them (just check what they say on the Testimonials Page of this website). We are 100% committed to your success and strive to give 100% customer satisfaction - in fact we guarantee it! 
Experienced and Professional 
As part of a two-person team, I wrote an award submission for a large business in a national competition. I am proud to say it won. I have gone on to write other award submissions which have achieved success. 
In addition to working for the BBC, I have also worked as a journalist for Cumbrian Newspapers, The Middlesbrough Evening Gazette and the Derby Evening Telegraph and have had my words published in numerous other national newspapers, magazines, periodicals and websites. When I started as a junior reporter, we used typewriters. 
A committed Christian with high ethical standards, I was the Editor of TV4LIFE, the first international Christian Satellite TV listings magazine, for more than two years in Colchester, Essex. I managed its production, overseeing everything from commissioning articles to its final publication, its website and social media. I worked with ministries like Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen, Jerry Savelle, Noel Robinson, the Alecs of God TV and Trevor Newport, promoting their programmes, teachings, books, CDs and products.  
I've added photography, marketing and social media management to my skills having attended nightclasses to gain extra qualifications. 
Fun-Loving and Dedicated 
I'm a Northerner, but have worked around the UK and with businesses both here and around the world. Recently, I came across this old photo of when I was carried to safety by Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team for a feature for Cumbrian Newspapers. It was while I was reporting for The Whitehaven News and Evening News and Star that I interviewed convicted murderers at Millom Prison, went to Poland with a charity to deliver aid to orphans and to the Isle of Man with Carol Thatcher.  
For the Middlesbrough Evening Gazette, I was rescued from the North Sea by Redcar RNLI and covered Princess Di's royal visit for the Derby Evening Telegraph. I've been blessed with the opportunity to interview celebrities like Imran Khan, Anthony Andrews, Jeffrey Archer and Mo Mowlam. I saw many TV and film stars while working as a broadcast journalist at the BBC too, but you have to pretend not to be star-struck, don't you, when you are a professional! 
As the Editor of an international Christian satellite TV listings magazine, I spoke to some of the world's top worship leaders, for example: Martin Smith of Delirious?, Graham Kendrick, YFriday, Ben Cantalon and Peter Wilson of Hillsong, and famous ministers like Andrew Wommack, the Vicar of Baghdad and Jentezen Franklin. While running WRITE WAI, I've written blogs for TBN Europe and God TV. 
Being a journalist for regional, national and internation media was an honour and a blessing from God, but I can quite honestly say that nothing compares to having a good chat with family and friends and the excitement of working for other businesses across Colchester, Essex and the south-east, as the owner of WRITE WAI PR & COPYWRITING SERVICES! 
Over the last few years we've helped to raise thousands of pounds for charity and written press releases for them for free or at discounted prices. 
My interests include spending time with my family, travelling, kayaking, photogaphy, social media, singing in a band and putting up posts on my own social media. 
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