As a social media manager, I find people are sometimes bewildered by hashtags (#) …. 
They wonder whether to use them in their social media posts or not... 
The question is, do you want your posts noticed? 
If your answer is 'yes', then using hashtags on your #socialmedia is vital if you want your posts to be found by the people you are aiming to attract. 
Why hashtags are used on social media 
Hashtags are used to categorise content and help people to find topics they are interested in or businesses or people they want to follow. 
They can boost your business by: 
👉 Helping to drive traffic to your website 
👉 Encouraging interaction, more likes and shares 
👉 Helping people to find your content who are interested in the topic you are talking about 
👉 Highlighting your expertise in the field you are talking about 
👉 Helping to boost your influence and followers 
👉 Encouraging more interaction with people who share your interests. 
The history of hastags 
Hashtags were first used on Twitter but are now also used on LinkedIn, as well as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok. 
The quantity of hashtags you post depends on which platform you are using. 
Some platforms let you know which are the best hashtags to use by informing you how many other people have used them before. 
You should use them to add value to your post and keep them short and memorable. 
Things to remember when using hashtags on LinkedIn 
For LinkedIn, I'd recommends you to: 
👉 Check which are the best hashtags for your industry by using LinkedIn search for frequently used hashtags 
👉 Use keywords to highlight topics in your content 
👉 End your post with the hashtags 
👉 Use three hashtags (as recommended by LinkedIn) 
👉 Paste 2 broad hashtags to attract your ideal customers and one niche hashtag for your expertise. 
When you are researching the most popular hashtags used on LinkedIn, go to the searchbar and type in the hashtag you are thinking of using and Linkedin will inform you how many posts have used the hashtag. 
It will also let you know how many accounts follow that particular hashtag too. 
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