We’re living in strange times at the moment. We can't do many of the things we used to, and you might feel cautious about some of the things we are now being allowed to do again. 
The important thing is to stay in touch with your clients, contacts, staff, suppliers and prospects. Being transparent and approachable in these uncertain times, will reassure people of your presence and help you to secure business long-term through your customers’ loyalty. 
We know things have been really tough for some people, but positivity now can spread to others and encourage your target audience to purchase from you. 
There is no single way to stay connected with your customers or meet new ones, the most important thing is to be consistent. 
Five Top Tips 
Here are five recommendations from Write Wai PR & Copywriting Services: 
1, Build your online presence. With more businesses realising the benefits of promoting yourselves online, it’s time to start being professional about it. It’s no good being sporadic about your blogging or your posts on social media, if you want to create a good impression, build a reputation for being an expert and improve your ranking in Google searches for your particular niche or industry. Don’t forget to be friendly and show your personality, not just your brand. 
2, Communicate with your customers by sending thoughtful emails, either personally or using marketing automation platforms like Mailchimp or Hubspot. For a more personal touch, consider sending out a handwritten letter, thank you card or gift and include your latest leaflet or brochure. 
3, Call people. Just as having a conversation with a friend can boost your feeling of well-being, use your telephone to reassure your regular clients personally and people you have met networking in happier times. Now many of us are working from home, a friendly phone call may be all that is needed to reopen doors and encourage an old customer to repurchase. 
4, Adapt your website. It’s the face and personality of your business, not just a shop window. You could add: 
A pop up to chat or announce any changes to your services or products, opening times or show the safety precautions you are taking 
An online payment option 
A members’ area for your training courses 
A blog/news section 
A Frequently Asked Questions page (FAQ) 
Reviews, a gallery for your products 
5, Hold meetings. The new norm is to hold network meetings or client meetings online through GoToMeeting, Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp, but now summer is here and the lockdown is easing, there is nothing to stop you holding a meeting at an outside café or venue, for the specified number of people. 
They say ‘Content is King’ and as professional content creators, bloggers, email marketers and social media management experts, Write Wai PR & Copywriting Services is here to help you. Check out our top tips on our social media and in the blogs on our website and on LinkedIn. 
Wishing you every success in business, 
Sally Anderson-Wai 
Owner of Write Wai PR & Copywriting Services 
P.S. Write Wai uses it’seeze website consultants for Colchester & Ipswich, see: https://www.itseeze-colchester.co.uk/ 
For professional videos for your website, contact Paula Brown of Positive FX Studio: https://www.positivefxstudio.co.uk/ 
Business Coach David Betts has produced a series of helpful videos to help businesses survive and thrive the current climate. Check them out on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo4q95qGRxyw2qX4D4-UG9g 
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