Write Wai PR & Copywriting Services is delighted to be celebrating our 10th birthday. 
We couldn't have reached this milestone without you, and I want to thank our loyal customers, contacts and friends. 
Also, thanks to my family for being patient while I was launching the business from our kitchen table. 
Our Special Offer 
To celebrate this special occasion, we are offering a free 30 minute consultation meeting to discuss fresh ideas for your digital marketing, websites, SEO content, social media or blogs (send us a message through our contacts page to advantage of this offer). 
How Write Wai Was Launched 
We're often asked how Write Wai came about, so here is our story told by Sally Anderson-Wai, founder and owner of Write Wai. 
"Having worked 24 years as a regional, national and international journalist (including at the BBC), I was made redundant and could no longer travel to London for work because I had three young boys. 
I decided to retrain in marketing, sales and social media to upskill myself to cater for Write Wai's business clients and Christian ministries. 
We now offer several services and packages, including: blog writing, SEO content creation for websites, and social media management." 
How Did We Derive The Name Write Wai? 
Coming up with the name Write Wai took a while, but I eventually settled on the name as a play on words using my surname. 
Write Wai can be interpreted in several ways, for example as: 
🎈 Doing things the right way 
🥳 Copywriting the correct way 
✨ By my Christian clients who know Jesus as the right way. 
Despite some business highs and personal lows, we survived the pandemic and are going strong. 
Write Wai's Successes 
You just need to visit our Portfolio Page, to see some of the publicity we have gained for Write Wai’s clients. 
Our achievements include: 
🥂 Winning 3 business awards and being nominated for at least 2 others 
🥞 Helping numerous clients gain publicity on radio, TV, in newspapers & magazines and on websites, including a monthly business column 
🥳 Suggesting an idea to a contact who gained thousands of pounds of sponsorship from a celebrity 
🍾 Increasing a client's sales of her product by 44% in a matter of weeks 
🎉 Running a writing competition for teenagers for several years in collaboration with my local newspaper, the Colchester Gazette and different business contacts until the pandemic 
🎈Raising thousands of pounds for various charities, including £810 last year for Essex and Herts Air Ambulance Trust (EHAAT) and helping to raise £13,000 to sink a borehole for water in Kenya 
🎊 Attracting clients for businesses through their social media, helping to increase their turnover by thousands of pounds. 
We have a vision for Write Wai's future, and pray you will continue to use our services. 
Thank you for your support so far and we look forward to working with you in the future. 
Wishing you every success in business. 
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