Turning your LinkedIn presence into a productive platform to bring in leads, doesn't need to be a pantomime.... 
Business people sometimes tell me, "I can't get leads from LinkedIn". 
I reply, "Oh yes you can." 
Even though it is the season, it doesn't have to be a pantomime. You just need to get known by your prospects, be genuine and follow a procedure. 
It's not about posting clever insights or being too pushy or salesy. 
It's about posting consistently, getting to know your prospects and them remembering you. 
Having managed businesses' LinkedIn pages for more than 10 years through my business Write Wai PR & Copywriting Services, we've gained expert knowledge on use it. Here are my 23 top tips to increase your sales effectiveness on LinkedIn: 
1) Prepare a strategy. Your investment now will give you better results in time 
2)️ Ask your team or colleagues for a second opinion on your strategy, to see if they think it will work 
3) Ensure your LinkedIn profile reflects your knowledge, skill and experience 
4) Demonstrate your expertise so your prospects will see you as the best person to buy from in your industry 
5) Be authentic, be yourself, as "everyone else is taken" as Oscar Wilde said. 
6)️ Once you have identified who would be your ideal customer, locate relevant people on LinkedIn. Targeting the wrong market will be fruitless 
7)️ Demonstrate how your product or service is a solution to the problem that your ideal customer needs solving 
8)️ Increase your contacts on LinkedIn by connecting with people who would be your ideal client, not people who are in the same profession or industry 
9)️ It is not an instant process as not everyone will want to buy from you immediately, so build your network 
10)️ Post at least 3 times during the week and occasionally at weekends 
11)️ Don't be lazy. Interact on at least two occasions with people whom you would like to become customers 
12)️ It's important to build a rapport, offer expert advice and forge a friendship 
13)️ Try to generate warm conversations with your ideal customer without trying to sell. Social media networking is about being sociable 
14)️ Follow up with people who sound interested in what you have to offer, so you keep fresh in their minds 
15)️ Always respond to any comments or messages as people have taken the time to interact with you. You never know, they could be on the verge of making a purchase from you 
16)️ Post effective content that will resonate with your target market and instill in them a desire to know you and to learn about what you have to offer 
17)️ Incorporate a call-to-action in your LinkedIn profile, in your posts, comments and messages 
18)️ It's important to be consistent in order to gather a following 
19)️ Set up a system of actions to follow on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to get the most out of your time and to help you to maintain your focus 
20)️ Track and review your data and adjust your campaigns accordingly 
21)️ After building a rapport for a week or so send an informal message and invite them to have a chat on the telephone or on Zoom 
22)️ Have confidence in your own ability and experiment with your posts by incorporating videos, links to podcasts, vlogs and blogs 
23)️ Remember there are people in your network who are just waiting to hear the solution you have to offer to resolve their problems 
And repeat the process... 
Over time your prospects will feel they know you, trust you and be interested in buying from you. 
People buy from people remember, so engage with people on LinkedIn as you would with those at a business network. 
You can generate new ideal clients on LinkedIn, but it takes dedication, consistency, time and effort. 
If you want the returns, follow these 23 top tips, be authentic and adopt our recommended procedures. 
You can do this ( "oh yes you can!" ). 
Don't give up (and let me know how you get on). 
👉 I often share good advice to help business owners and ministries to improve their digital marketing, PR and content, on Write Wai PR & Copywriting Services' social media platforms, so don't forget to follow us. 
Wishing your business every success on LinkedIn. 
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