When East meets West, make your best impression 
At Write Wai, we can explain in engaging and creative words what sets your business apart to give your marketing the edge over your competitors. 
We’re an international, multi-award-winning business, writing effective corporate collateral in the right way to get you more publicity, better leads and greater turnover from growing sales. 
Your customers in your home country will already know that your business provides an excellent service or products, but when you launch your company overseas, you need to splash out and commission a professional copywriter to carefully craft content so your marketing material is not only striking, but in well translated language (from Cantonese to English or English to Cantonese). 
With satisfied clients around the world, great writing has got our business noticed and we can do the same for you. Write Wai PR & Copywriting Services have secured awards for customers with well-worded nomination submissions, boosted sales, and given businesses an identity that makes them stands out from the crowd. Just visit our testimonials page to check how our clients rave about us. 
We love helping fellow business owners to achieve their personal goals - from creating a clearer identity and brand, writing words for your website, blogs, leaflets or brochures to preparing posts for your social media and managing your various platforms. It is our pleasure to see your business thrive and grow. 
So why spend time agonising over the wording for your marketing material or making do with a poorly worded translation, when we can do it for you the Write Wai! 
本公司由專業文案撰稿人創辦。創辦人Sally Anderson-Wai 擁有數十年撰寫經驗,包括宣傳、報章、雜誌、網頁各方面。 
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