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Every entrepreneur has one vital business asset that he or she can’t do without. It’s time. Time is a priceless commodity that you can’t recoup once you have lost it. 
Whether you are just starting a business or have already got a couple of year’s trading under your belt, you need to take stock of how you are using your precious time to ensure you have the best life and business you can. 
Do you feel rushed? Are you overworked? Do you have goals to achieve? Or are you just surviving? 
It is sometimes difficult finding the right balance between work and life. The ideal is to get things done in your work time so that you can do all that you want to do in your own time. 
Think of the things that inspire you and they will drive you to succeed. Some people have dreams of owning a special sports car, while others want to retire early or have holiday homes in the sun. 
Many people have a lot of dissatisfaction in their lives but learn to live with it. Are you one of them? 
As a business coach, for the world’s number one business coaching firm, I recommend you to regularly take stock of how you invest your time and resources. 
What are the hot topics that you are tolerating? What needs to change? I have a formula which you can use to assess your own situation. The formula is Dissatisfaction (D) times Vision (V) plus your First Steps In Business (F) should be greater than any Resistance (R). In summary, (D x V) + F >R. 
Some people waste their lives on yoyo diets but it’s a well-known fact that the best way to diet is by gradually reducing your intake of calories or by increasing your exercise and if you do either, or both, of these you should shed that unwanted fat. Business is the same. 
In a cycle of business you have the owner, his team, the customers and their business. As a business develops, the owner can have greater and greater pressure put upon him, unless he does something about it. He needs to learn to delegate responsibility so that he develops what we at Business Coach aim for – a commercial, profitable enterprise that works well without the owner. 
Many people are seeking this vision for their enterprises, but they aren’t achieving it. Why? The answer is FEAR. This stands for False Expectations Appearing Real. Or another way of saying it is Failure Expected And Realised. 
Why not take a moment to look at your own circumstances and assess what you need to delegate or get rid of in order that your business can operate well with your team while you have the time to do what you really want to? 
There are lots of things which challenge our time. We may need to do a number of things, for example: change our own mindset, reduce deadline pressure by planning ahead, reduce our working hours, delegate more, be more productive, get the work and life balance right, allocate realistic time frames, learn to say ‘No’ and ‘when.’ Many of us tend to avoid time management and self-discipline. Recognising this is happening is the start of making positive changes. 
This is just some of the ways that I as a business coach can help you be Master of your own Time! 
For more information on how we I can help your business grow, contact David Betts by emailing davidbetts@businesscoach.uk.com 
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Photo opportunity: The Vine is opening at Vine Street, Great Bardfield, Braintree Essex. CM7 4SR. 
New food and Organic Wine Experience Opening 
Wine and food lovers are in for a special treat as an international connoisseur and her husband are opening one of the first ‘eno-gastro’ pubs in Britain, just a stone’s throw from London. 
Tanya Mann, a certified educator in Sherry Wines, who has worked for 13 years in the international wine industry, and her businessman husband, Stephen Mann, are opening “The Vine – Eno-Gastro Pub and shop” in the ancient village of Great Bardfield near Braintree, Essex – only 40 miles from London. 
The couple are using their talents to provide a unique wine tasting experience combined with gastronomic delights, hence the phrase eno-gastro. 
‘I believe that understanding what we are drinking helps us to appreciate and enjoy the whole experience more. Nowadays, people care more about their health and well-being and we are aiming to offer organic wines to take away that are produced in a new way by organic viticulture, using fewer chemical additives (for example sulphur dioxide) during the wine-making process,’ said Tanya, a native Russian, who is an active member of the ‘Circle of Wine Writers’ and is an award-winning project manager. 
Stephen, a director of several multi-million pound companies and a former restaurant manager, said: ‘We are hoping locals and holidaymakers will come along and enjoy our “English cuisine with a twist” accompanied by some carefully selected award-winning wines from some of the great wineries (sparkling) in Britain and the rest of Europe.’ 
The Manns philosophy is to protect the boutique-sized wineries that have produced wine for many generations. 
Tanya said: ‘There are many amazing wines from old vines, which combine great quality, with unique complexity. Our wine-producing partners are careful to protect the environment while producing their vine crops and send us wines from ‘the hands of nature’. 
‘We also want to pay great attention to English Sparkling Wine producers who are currently winning international awards for their wines. We are aiming to introduce more unique wines from across the globe and make “The Vine” known as a worldwide centre for wine connoisseurs and English culture lovers.’ 
For further details email Tanya Mann info@tanyamann.com 
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Editor's Notes 
Tanya Mann (Director) 
Tanya Mann is a wine expert with 13 years of experience in the international wine industry. She is a Certified Educator in Sherry Wines, is currently a Diploma level student WSET (Wine and Spirit Education Trust) and holds degrees both in Chemical Technology and Psychology. Having studied in Enoteca Italiana Wine School in Italy, she has experience of working in Selfridges wine department in London and Chateau Margaux in Bordeaux. She is also associated with digital wine marketing projects: www.isherryweek.com and www.glassofbubbly.com. Tanya gained her love of matching wine and food under her tutor Michael Gamero - enogatronomy expert from French Hospitality School Lui Marten Bree. 
Stephen Mann (Director) 
Stephen Mann is, and has been a director of several multi-million pound companies, which have experienced great success over the years. He has built an understanding of modern business techniques in today’s changing markets. He is a member of the institute of directors and consultants, and has a specialty in business infrastructure coupled with health and safety management and training. 
In the past, Stephen worked for Bass Taverns as Restaurant Manager at ‘Mayflower’ Public House in London SE16, where he introduced a new A la Carte menu and management systems. After three months, he went to The Adams Arms in W1 as the licensee manager. The gross income of the House went up by 93% on the previous manager and profits were up by 82%. 
‘I was one of the very few who managed to beat the Budget for that year in spite of the recession, with a very high net profit of 32.4%,’ said Stephen. He was also the Manager for the bars and food at Harrods and the Ferry Boat Inn, where he opened a new restaurant and two new bars with great success. He coached and trained new staff, as well as running new NVQ courses at Bass Head office, Mile End. Stephen has also run many other restaurants and pubs for Bass. 
The term Enogastronomy represents a synthesis, and is a definition from Latin meaning: wine+food. The idea being that it contains many different components, such as the natural environment, history and culture, social models, plus particularly good wine and cuisine (almost local) matching well. 
The Vine will include an Organic Wine Shop (concept organic wines to take away). It is located at Vine Street, Great Bardfield, Braintree, Essex. CM7 4SR. 
The Location 
This wonderfully presented inn is situated in the delightful country village of Great Bardfield and can be easily reached from junction 8 of the M11 motorway near Stansted Airport. Situated within the commuter belt, approximately ONLY 40 miles from the capital city of London and also having excellent road communications providing easy access to the M25, A1(M), A120 and the M1 motorways making this superb location an extremely popular commuter area for the major motorways and the major international airports of Stansted, Heathrow and Gatwick.  
The village of Great Bardfield is also within the catchment area of many similar affluent villages and towns in addition to being situated close Finchingfield, Great Dunmow, Braintree and Bishops Stortford. 
Demographics and History of the Area 
Great Bardfield is a large village (population around 2000) in Essex, England. It came to national attention during the 1950s as home to the Great Bardfield Artists. The village is located approximately nine miles (14 km) north west of Braintree and some 12 miles (19 km) south east of Saffron Walden. 
Henry VIII is said to have given Bardfield to Anne of Cleves as part of his divorce settlement and a number of buildings in the village are associated with Anne of Cleves, including The Grade II listed Great Lodge and its associated Grade I-listed barn, now named after her. The 1,000-acre (4.0 km2) grounds include a Grade I listed barn and a vineyard. Great Bardfield is home to the Bardfield Cage, a 19th-century village lock-up, and the Bardfield Museum. 
Great Bardfield played another important role in the history as it is the home of is a rare plant only found where Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire meet. Originally it was thought that Oxlips were cowslip-primrose hybrids, but in 1842 Henry Doubleday and Charles Darwin conducted tests on plants collected from Great Bardfield and concluded that this was not so. For a while the plant was known as the Bardfield Oxlip. The common cowslip-primrose hybrid is known as the False Oxlip. 
Youngsters can look forward to a bright future at Acorns pre-school thanks to their “outstanding setting.” 
The organisation, which offers day care for 30 children aged two to four years, recently moved into the new £1.3m St John’s Church Community Centre on Ipswich Road, Colchester. 
Acorns, open from 9am to 3.30pm Monday to Friday, was previously situated within St John’s Church. 
Oftsted, which regulates Acorns, gave the pre-school an “outstanding”. 
“Acorns is a lovely, bright welcoming pre-school and everyone is valued for who they are,” said Jenny Macalister, the Manager of Acorns. 
“We are really privileged to be in this wonderful new building with dedicated staff who adore their jobs and are totally committed.” 
Thanks to the new surroundings, the children now have free flow play so they can choose whether to play inside or outside. Acorns is a happy and safe group based on a Christian view of family. 
Each child is helped to develop physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually through play in preparation for school and their life ahead. 
“St John’s Church Community Centre is a much lighter and brighter environment for the children,” said Jenny. 
“St John’s Church Community Centre is a much lighter and brighter environment for the children,” said Jenny. 
“It also means we are able to offer a much better service for the community with 32.5 hours of sessions instead of 18 hours as previously. This means that the children can really get to know each other and forge good friendships.” 
Acorns staff are also now able to leave the equipment out in a pre-school set up all week instead of having to clear away at the end of each day. 
For more details about Acorns telephone 07925 104208. 
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Girls Are Doing It For Themselves 
Business Women are breaking into the ‘male domain’ of mechanics, thanks to new workshops teaching them how to take care of their vehicles. 
Auto Chicks is a two-hour session in basic mechanical safety and car maintenance at Vehicle Repair Solutions, Rowhedge Business Park, Colchester. The garage’s mechanic is giving free monthly car maintenance demonstrations to women, with no obligations. 
“In this day of equal opportunities, women need to know basic car maintenance,” said Sarah Brice, the garage owner. “Here in a garrison town like Colchester, women might not have anyone to call upon if they find their cars fail because their partners might be serving abroad. 
“It’s important for females to be given the opportunity to learn what they can do to keep their cars in a state of good repair to help avoid things going wrong, especially as it’s winter. We hope it will also help women in our community feel safe about accessing the male-dominated world of mechanics.” 
Only 66 per cent of women know how to change a tyre, according to tyre company Continental, compared with 96 per cent of men. And more than half of women never check the condition of their spare tyre. At Auto Chick, female car owners are shown all the tips and tricks they need to know about their vehicles, including how to change a tyre, how to test their tyre pressure and how to check their tyre tread is legal. 
“My friend and I had a pleasant evening and enjoyed a drink and some nibbles and came away feeling wiser and more confident we will know what to do in an emergency if our cars breaks down” said Sally Anne Christian. 
If you would be interested in attending the course, contact Sally Anderson-Wai, Colchester copywriter of WRITE WAI on 07956 977 994. 
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Editor’s Notes 
Other results of the survey conducted by tyre company Continental show: 
▪ 4% of women don’t know where the spare tyre is located. 
▪ 33% of women call their significant other half after getting a flat tyre before calling a tow service — 73% of men change their own tires. 
This is the copyright of WRITE WAI. 
Finding the best Essex beaches 
Eating fish and chips, paddling in the sea, sunbathing beside beach huts or seeking thrills on a traditional seaside pier are favourite summer activities of the British holiday maker, and along the Essex coast you will find all this in abundance. Every year, millions of visitors are drawn to Essex by the array of picture postcard coastal towns and beaches which never cease to delight. 
So it’s not surprising that according to a LocalPeople Poll, nearly eight million people are planning to holiday at home in the UK this year and many of them will be sun seeking in the South East. According to a survey by the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA), increasing numbers of Brits are opting to holiday here.  
The life and soul of artist John Doubleday 
John Doubleday’s list of public commissions reads like a New Year’s honours list and includes the likes of Dylan Thomas, Charlie Chaplin and Nelson Mandela, to name but a few.  
The Langford-born artist and sculptor, who has had more than 30 solo exhibitions across the globe, is currently working on a sculpture of the Queen.  
Although he is delighted to be working on the commission of Her Royal Highness, he says he is not overwhelmed by her position in society and it has come at a time in his life when he feels confident that he will produce, ‘an interesting and powerful result’. 

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Former Battered Wife Defies Life’s Challenges to Scoop A National Prize With her Mobile Marketing Company 
An Essex based mobile marketing start-up has scooped the Silver Award in the Digital category of the Ixion Enterprise Awards 2014 after surviving many of life’s difficulties. 
Single mum-of-four, Nelly Mhangami beat 300 other entrants to win the Silver Award in the Digital Category. 
She proudly received her prize after overcoming the challenges of long term unemployment, homelessness, zero capital and domestic violence to start a business using only her benefits as capital. 
She established Business Apps Plus in November 2013 with the objective of helping businesses market their services on customers’ mobile devices. The company, which was recently renamed Mobile & Mortar Ltd, develops digital technology to market businesses. 
‘I feel honored to have been awarded the Silver Award. My business is only six-months-old and this gives me the zeal and determination to continue building and improving it,’ said Nelly, who studied MSc in Electronic Commerce at Anglia Ruskin University. 
‘My business helps local businesses gain and retain customers, increase sales, save time and money by doing away with paper processes. We have seen our clients' sales and market share increase in a short space of time after they embraced mobile marketing solutions and tools. 
‘If I can find the determination to overcome being jobless, homeless, financial difficulties and being battered by my husband, others can too.’ 
Nelly’s now ex-husband was kept in cells overnight after abusing her, but Nelly decided not to press charges because of her three children. He never returned to the family and Nelly and her children were homeless for two week and were put in temporary accommodation by the local authority. 
She attributes her success now to hard work and determination. 
She said: ‘Challenges would come eg. huge debt and a lack of capital, but l had to look beyond the challenges and concentrate on making life better. I have a desire now to assist women and girls who have been through tough times to start their own businesses. I am willing to mentor them and help them realise that there is light at the end of the tunnel.’ 
Nelly Mhangami, ithe director of Mobile & Mortar, is keen to hear from anyone who is currently at crossroads and has no hope and by telling her story of hope, faith, determination and hard work she wants to encourage others. 
For further details contact Nelly Mhangami of Business Apps Plus Ltd t/a Mobile & Mortar. 
E: nelly@businessappsplus.com phone: 07828127416 
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Editor's Notes 
Mobile & Mortar produces Digital Business Cards, Mobile Websites, Mobile Apps for Businesses, Digital Loyalty & Reward Programmes- iBeacon & NFC powered, Mobile Business Directories, Mobile Coupons Directories, a mobile marketing campaigns platform (for SMS, QRCode, Email, Social Media), online reputation management and a mobile coupons generator. 
Mobile & Mortar also offers a White Label Reseller programme for businesses and individuals that would like to get into the mobile marketing industry. Nelly trains and guides those who join her reseller programme thus assisting people who do not have the skills to get into IT. 
One of their largest clients is now in 175 countries after Business Apps Plus helped them with their mobile marketing campaigns. 
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