Why we need to celebrate our business success! 
Congratulations to all of the GCSE and A level students on their recent exam results. 
Success is something we should all celebrate, as we usually have to work hard to get good results. As busy business owners, we often forget to tell our community of business contacts and clients about our achievements. 
Marking your memorable moments is a great opportunity to show your expertise and create interesting content, whether it's about exam success, winning an award, raising funds for charity, signing a big contract with a major client, launching a new course or just still being in business after the UK lockdown. 
Any memorable moment can offer a great opportunity to raise your company profile, without appearing to be too pushy or sales orientated. 
You could send out a press release, write a blog, or create interesting content for a social media post. Use your imagination, the sky is your limit, as we all know "content is king". Most people have an interesting story to tell, so why not tell yours? 
How success can breed success 
I recently posted on my own social media about my son, William, successfully gaining a BA Hons in Finance and Accounting from the University of Hertfordshire, despite extenuating circumstances (to help him gain employment). The post attracted 145 likes and 42 comments on LinkedIn and 185 likes and 107 comments on Facebook. Other posts about Write Wai PR & Copywriting Services winning awards have attracted similar interactions. 
I'd like to offer an opportunity to collaborate with you to boost your business social media posts. If you like or comment on my posts on LinkedIn, I will like or comment on yours. You need to remember that every engagement, whether it's a like or a comment, will be noticed by those people's contacts and followers too, helping to spread the word about you and raising your business' profile. 
For an example of a blog to mark one of Write Wai's magic moments see: https://www.writewai.com/blog/mark-your-memorable-moments-in-business/ 
You Have a Story To Tell Too! 
Good content will help you to feed the hungry Google monster, improve your profile on your social media, drive traffic to your website and increase your leads and sales. It does for me. If you need a little help from your friendly PR & copywriter, you know where I am! 
Best regards, 
Sally Anderson-Wai 
of Write Wai PR & Copywriting Services 
Tel: 07956 977 994 
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