Why bother having a dog if you aren't prepared to look after it?  
And why start a social media account if you are just going to neglect it? 
Numerous enterpreneurs embark on their social media journey with high expectations of immediate success.  
They dream of their posts going viral and rapidly attracting a flood of new interest through their engaging content, sending out direct messages and directing prospective customers to their websites. 
In reality, Social Media Marketing is a gradual process, and some entrepreneurs suddenly lose interest and/or stop publishing content if they have failed to see an organic, sharp increase in new leads and sales as a result of their time, energy and creativity. 
What impression are you creating? 
When you abandon your social media, or fail to populate your profile fully, it speaks volumes to onlookers. 
It’s like having a reception desk with no one to man it or a company van which has remained in the car park for years. 
If you neglect your social media account after starting it, it gives the impression you are having difficulties or perhaps are no longer in business. 
It will put off potential buyers who are seeking someone from your industry. 
If you haven’t published a post on your social media for weeks, months, or years, it gives a vibe that it is abandoned and you can’t cope with any extra business. 
The benefits of using social media 
To grow your brand, business and your profile organically on social media demands time, perseverance, dedication and effort, and even then, the advantages may not be immediately apparent. 
Here are my recommendations on how to leverage your use of social media to build your business and your personal brand: 
1) Define your brand’s Unique Selling Point (USP) by clarifying your mission, culture and goals, how you want to position your company and identifying who is your target market 
2) Foster a sense of community by engaging directly with your audience, contacts and followers. Don’t forget that dogs are also very sociable animals and like to mix with others, just as one is meant to be sociable on social media. 
To get the best from your social media account it’s advisable to interact and leave likes and comments on other people’s posts, as well as reacting to the comments and messages people leave for you. 
And don’t forget to that you need to be forging relationships and talking to your contacts via messages to develop their trust and friendship (so they will buy from you). 
3) Take advantage of this cost-free marketing tool. You can use it as often as you like as social media offers the opportunity for repeated exposure. 
It enables you to remind your ideal customers of your services and products as frequently as you desire, whilst observing the regulations and rules of the relevant platform of course. 
4) Establish your authority as the go-to-expert. Now is your chance to raise your profile yourself as a thought leader. You can attract a dedicated following of loyal fans by sharing valuable content, offering expert advice on how to solve their problems, posing questions and providing insightful tips. 
5) Drive traffic to your website and convert visitors into customers. You might not realise it, but the activities you undertake on social media are monitored by search engines, influencing your ranking when people search for businesses in your sector. 
Don’t forget share links to your website when you are blogging, tweeting, sharing posts on Instagram or videos on TikTok. This will provide you with the chance to convert them into subscribers or customers. 
You need to have patience, ideas and creativity to grow your profile organically on social media. Alternatively, you can always pay for advertising, Adwords or upgrade and pay for the professional version if available. 
If you haven’t the time to post on your social media, or don’t know what to post content about, it’s time to ask an expert, like Write Wai PR & Copywriting Services, for help. 
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